Who is Eligible?

The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for home health services:

  • Must be homebound
  • In need of intermittent nursing/therapy services
  • Medically unstable
  • Under the care of a physician

Can Anyone Get Home Health Services?

Generally, senior citizens are the greater portion of our patients; however, people of any age can also receive home care.  It all depends on each individual’s medical situation and the patient’s physician.

Who Determines What Services I Need?

Generally, a physician will refer the patient to home health.  The nursing/therapy staff at Pacific Home Health Care will assess the patient’s situation; and they, along with  the physician and the Agency’s Clinical Supervisor, will establish a plan of care specifically designed to achieve results the physician wants to accomplish.

What is the Cost?

Medicare (either Part A or Part B) will pay for home health services, such as skilled nursing, therapy, home health aides, medical equipment and some supplies. Private insurance companies, however, will pay for some services incurred such as skilled nursing, therapy, home health aides.  You may elect to pay “out of pocket” for services if you do not meet the criteria or are opting for services not covered by your insurer.

Do You Have Bilingual Caregivers?

Our nursing staff and administrative staff are bilingual and the following languages are spoken to meet the needs of patients who do not understand nor speak English:

  • Spanish
  • Armenian
  • Farsi
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Mandarin
  • Korean